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Reflection 2

This week, I completed unit 2.1 focusing on my business card and letterhead. I was assigned to choose an organization I was interested in and to locate their logo. The organization I chose was Whole Foods Market. From here, I was to do multiple assignments ┬áthat started with analyzing my organization. I went to Whole Foods website and read about their mission as a company, who it’s competitors are and the core values. The rest of five assignments consisted of creating three different Pinterest boards; Competitor Analysis, Inspiration Board and Mood Board. I really enjoyed this part of the unit because I am obsessed with Pinterest and love finding new ideas I can make into my own. I then began the process of my business card.

Here is a sneak peek (keep in mind it’s not completely finished yet):

My reaction to this unit was positive, I thought each assignment was unique and creative and I felt as though I could put my own style into the assignments. I love being able to show my personality through my work. Being creative and colorful is always a plus for me.

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  • The first thing I think when I see your business card is professionalism. I really like that it’s serious because after reading the Whole Foods mission statement, they’re serious when it comes to providing the best experience to its customers so you get that from your business card design. I suggest making one side of the card the contact information while the other side contains the company logo and mission statement. With this option you could enlarge the company’s logo to make it really stand out. I personally don’t like the space between every contact point, if you make it single spaced and left align it could make this side much more cleaner which adds to the professionalism feel. I love that your name is in the Whole Foods green color. Overall this is a really really great start to your design.

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