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Reflection 2

This week, I completed unit 2.1 focusing on my business card and letterhead. I was assigned to choose an organization I was interested in and to locate their logo. The organization I chose was Whole Foods Market. From here, I was to do multiple assignments ┬áthat started with analyzing my organization. I went to Whole Foods website and read about their mission as a company, who it’s competitors are and the core values. The rest of five assignments consisted of creating three different Pinterest boards; Competitor Analysis, Inspiration Board and Mood Board. I really enjoyed this part of the unit because I am obsessed with Pinterest and love finding new ideas I can make into my own. I then began the process of my business card.

Here is a sneak peek (keep in mind it’s not completely finished yet):

My reaction to this unit was positive, I thought each assignment was unique and creative and I felt as though I could put my own style into the assignments. I love being able to show my personality through my work. Being creative and colorful is always a plus for me.

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